Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Rock! By Shakira

Two new fragrances for this summer.

The "Rock! By Shakira" line has two refreshing & daring fragrances - coming this August for limited time - that will arrive on stage to make the audience vibrate more than ever!

"Summer Rock!: Sweet Candy" and "Summer Rock!: Fruity Vibes" are the new limited fragrances from this collection, full of color and personality. A large dose of fun, friendship and happiness in a collection of scents made for an unforgettable experience.

Made to shine!
Fuchsia and the electrifying Orange are the vibrant colors selected to convey the energy of "Rock Summer! by Shakira". The iconic guitar-shaped bottle, brand identity of the "Rock" fragrances, is packaged in a box full of brightness and color. An original and modern design that shines with the same intensity and energy as Shakira's music.

Summer Rock!: Sweet Candy

All the freshness of summer concentrated in a vibrant lemon scent. Its color resembles blackberries and raspberries surrounded by a feminine and modern bouquet of Magnolias, that radiate light and a transparent and refreshing floral fragrance. The base notes of musk and wood are both combined with a warm oriental chord filled with sensuality and a strong personality.

Summer Rock!: Fruity Vibes

In the first notes, the young and radiant freshness of tangerine is highlighted by bright pink pepper, joining the acid seduction of lychee. His most feminine side merges with peonies and a floral bouquet of jasmine and gardenia. To end the melody, a contrast between the hypnotic sensuality of patchouli is surrounded by the chords of tonka bean and musk, leaving a lasting fragrance on the skin.

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