Monday, July 15, 2013

Shakira On The Top 10 Female Obsessions By Jay-Z

 The American rapper Jay-Z, one of the most powerful and influential men has revealed his 10 favorite female singers for their talent, personality and power over the world. Among his list find the Colombian Pop-Sensation Shakira at # 3 who with 20 years of career has established as an international artist, producer, dancer and philanthropist . In February 2012 Shakira leaves Epic Records to sign with Jay-Z's label Roc Nation to produce her next three studio albums.  
Check the complete list: 
  •  Beyonce
  •  Rita Ora
  •  Shakira
  •  Ellie Goulding
  •  Rihanna
  •  Alicia Key
  •  Kelly Rowland
  •  Alexis Jordan
  •  M.I.A
  •  Santiagold


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